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The Rosewell family, based in the Alexandria Free Zone, specializes in chemical additives. Our chemical solutions are used worldwide in various industrial applications to prevent the microbiological degradation of many well-known everyday products. This helps conserve resources and extend shelf life. Our product lines include Oil & Gas, Textile Auxiliaries, Inorganic Chemicals, Boiler Chemicals, Pesticides, as well as a range of Consumer Chemicals.





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Our Markets

Our products are built to thrive in many different markets. They offer flexible solutions that help businesses of all kinds improve efficiency and reach their goals. Trusted by companies globally, our products are known for their simplicity, effectiveness, and ability to drive success in today’s fast-paced world.



Water Treatment

Cooling Systems

Oil and Gas Production

Oil & Gas Drilling

Oil and Gas Refinery

About Rosewell


Rosewell Chemical Manufacturer innovates to provide exceptional solutions for oil and gas, textiles, pesticides, and inorganic chemicals. They address production challenges, support clients at all stages, and prioritize quality and client satisfaction to be a trusted industry partner.


Rosewell Chemical Manufacturer aims to lead the industry through innovation, reliability, and excellence. Committed to advancing technology and sustainability, they provide cutting-edge products and support for the oil and gas, textile auxiliaries, pesticides, and inorganic chemicals sectors. Their vision is to be a trusted partner, achieving sustainable growth and positively impacting industries and communities.


Rosewell Energy upholds high standards in Health, Safety, Environment, Quality, Technology, Service, and Integrity (HSEQTI). Committed to ethics, honesty, trust, customer service excellence, and social responsibility, they prioritize quality and the well-being of employees, partners, suppliers, and customers.


Rosewell Chemical Manufacturer prioritizes quality, innovation, safety, and environmental responsibility. They focus on continuous improvement and transparent communication to build lasting, trustworthy client relationships.

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