Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite

12 – 14%

  • Laundry: Used to produce bleach for whitening clothing.
  • Disinfection: Employed for disinfecting floors and surfaces.
  • Water Treatment: Utilized in purifying drinking water.
  • Manufacturing: Used in the production of paper.
  • Industrial Applications: Added to fertilizers and injected into power plants for maintenance.

Physical Properties

Appearance Yellowish Green Liquid Free From Foreign Matter
Odor Chlorine
Molecular Weight 74.5

Chemical Properties

Concentration (as av. chlorine) Min. 14.0%
Alkalinity (as NaOH) Min. 1.6%
Iron (as Fe) Min. 14.0%
Iron as Fe (PPM) Max. 0.0003% w/w
Copper (as Cu) Max. 0.0001% w/w
Sulphuric Acids Content Max. 400pp
Manganese (as Mn) Max. 0.0001% w/w
Mercury Nil
Heavy metals as (Pb) Nil
Origin Egypt

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