Acridine RE-AC1

Acridine RE-AC1

RE-AC1 is a corrosion inhibitor against sulfuric acid. It is an organic, free-flowing liquid acid corrosion inhibitor formulated to deliver optimal results. This product is specifically designed to inhibit the attack of sulfuric acid on iron and steel during industrial cleaning operations.

Being completely soluble in water, it is used along with sulfuric acid in pickling chemical cleaning products. During the attack, it allows sulfuric acid to target only the dirt, not the metal surface, because it creates a protective film around the metal surface.

The dosage of RE-AC1 corrosion inhibitor is 7.5 kg for every 100 kg of 2N sulfuric acid solution to achieve an inhibition efficiency percentage of 98% for mild steel at ambient temperature.

Typical Physical Properties

Physical Appearance Green Fluorescent Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.12
Flash Point 97°C
Boiling Point 100°C

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