Anti Foam

Antifoam RWE Food Grade:

The Antifoam-RWE-Food-Grade features a silicone compound as its active ingredient, presented in the form of a water-based emulsion. This compound comprises Polydimethylsiloxane, which is emulsified by the addition of a special ester emulsifier (Ethylene glycol stearate) to facilitate rapid dispersion of silicone in foaming mediums.

This defoamer demonstrates exceptional efficacy against challenging foams and excels in eliminating foam from surfaces while releasing trapped air. Consequently, it finds diverse applications across nearly every industry.

  • Food and Beverage: Used in food processing, brewing, and dairy industries to control foam during production and packaging processes.
  • Pharmaceutical: Employed in pharmaceutical manufacturing to prevent foam formation during drug production and packaging.
  • Chemical Processing: Utilized in chemical manufacturing processes to manage foam in reactors, mixers, and storage tanks.
  • Water Treatment: Applied in wastewater treatment plants to control foam in clarifiers, aeration tanks, and settling basins.

Basic Info

Appearance Viscous white liquid (Milky white liquid)
Total solids content % 22 - 28
Viscosity (25°C) cP 500 - 4000
Dosage (ppm) 100 - 500
Storage Stability 1 Year
Defoaming Power T1: Less than 1 minute
T2: Less than 1 minute
pH 5.0 - 6.5

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