Drilling Detergent – EDD

Drilling Detergent: EDD

The EDD Additive is a specialized aqueous blend comprising surface-active agents. It’s meticulously formulated to effectively diminish the surface tension inherent in all water-based mud systems. Additionally, its purpose extends to mitigating the adhesive properties commonly observed in water-sensitive shale cuttings, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and facilitating smoother drilling processes.

  • The RWE-DDP additive is applicable in all drilling areas and compatible with virtually any water-based drilling fluid.
  • Primarily used in upper-hole drilling, its functions include minimizing bit and Bottomhole Assembly (BHA) balling, reducing surface tension, and aiding in dropping sand and removing drill solids.
  • It often reduces torque and drag, even in systems lacking oil content.
  • Standard treatments typically range from 0.1 to 0.2 lb/bbl (0.29 to 0.57 kg/m3) and deliver satisfactory performance under most conditions.
  • In severe gumbo shale areas, concentrations of 4-6 lb/bbl (11.4 – 17.1 kg/m3) are recommended to minimize bit and BHA balling.
  • Higher concentrations may induce foaming, necessitating the use of a defoamer.
  • The product is effective in all water-based systems, including freshwater, brackish water, seawater, and saturated saltwater fluids.

Typical Physical Properties

Physical Appearance Light Blue Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.012
pH (1% Solution) 7.5 - 8.5
Solubility in Water 100%
Flash Point 200° F (>93° C)
Viscosity 13 CP

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