The RWE-CIMO corrosion inhibitor is a modified, amine-type additive meticulously crafted to safeguard all oilfield tubular goods. Specifically formulated, it serves as a protective shield against general corrosion threats posed to casing, tubing, and downhole tools that come into contact with clear completion brines.

  • The RWE-CIMO additive effectively controls corrosion in tubing and casing strings in workover or packer brines.
  • It is suitable for use in solutions containing sodium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium bromide, calcium bromide, and zinc bromide.
  • This corrosion inhibitor is primarily designed for clear brines but can also be used with viscosified completion or drilling fluids.
  • Pilot testing for compatibility is recommended before using it in such applications.
  • Operating within a wide temperature range of up to 356°F (180°C), it offers versatile performance across various operational conditions.
  • For treatment of clear brine fluids, the recommended dosage is one 55-gallon (208-liter) drum of RWE-CIMO corrosion inhibitor per 100 barrels (15.9 m3) of brine.
  • This equates to 0.55 gallons per barrel (13.1 liters per cubic meter) or 5 pounds per barrel (14.3 kilograms per cubic meter).
  • The RWE-CIMO corrosion inhibitor can be added directly to the brine without requiring specialized mixing equipment or agitation.

Technical Specifications

Appearance Clear, Free of Suspended Matter
Molecular Weight 87
Concentration,% 99.5 Min
Boiling Range 129 - 131
Color Pale Yellow
Water, WT% 0.2 Max
Density (20° C) g/cm3 0.999 - 1.002
pH Value 10.6 (5 g/l, H2O, 20 °C)
Water ≤ 0.30 %

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