Organophillic Clay RWE – VIS – Plus

Organophillic Clay

RWE – VIS – plus

is an organoclay designed to function as a rheological additive in oil-based fluids and drilling muds. It is well-suited for use in low aromatic oils as well as diesel-based formulations. enhances the emulsion and temperature stability of drilling mud systems, providing increased yield point and gel strengths to oil-based drilling muds without significantly altering the plastic viscosity.

  • Rheological additive for low aromatic oil systems

  • Rheological additive for synthetic fluid systems.

  • Viscosifier for a large range of solvents

Typical Physical Properties

Color Very Light Tan
Form Free Flowing Powder
Particle Size (80% - 90%) passing a 75 micron
Specific Gravity (Bulk Density) @ 20°C (0.75-0.9) gm/cm3
Moisture Content 3% Minimum to 5% Maximum

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