Organophillic Clay RWE – VIS

Organophillic Clay


An organoclay designed to function as a rheological additive in oil-based fluids and drilling muds, it is suitable for incorporation into diesel-based formulations. This additive enhances both the emulsion and temperature stability of drilling mud systems, contributing to increased operational efficiency and reliability. Its primary function is to augment the yield point and gel strengths of oil-based drilling muds, all while maintaining the desired plastic viscosity levels essential for optimal drilling performance.

  • Rheological additive for diesel-based fluids.

  • Rheological additive for slow aromatic oil systems.

  • Viscosifier for a large range of solvents

Typical Physical Properties

Name ICMC 120
Color Very Light Tan
Form Free Flowing Powder
Particle Size (80% - 90%) passing a 75 micron
Specific Gravity (Bulk Density) @ 20°C (0.75-0.9) gm/cm3
Moisture Content 3% Minimum to 5% Maximum

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