Paraffin Dispersant

Paraffin Dispersant

Paraffin dispersants are utilized in acid fluids to effectively control issues related to acid sludge formation during matrix treatments.

  • Oil and Gas Production:
    • Paraffin and asphaltene wax dissolvers are used in oil and gas production operations to dissolve wax deposits that can accumulate in production tubing, wellbores, and surface equipment. This helps prevent flow restrictions and improves production rates.
  • Pipeline Maintenance:
    • In pipeline transportation systems for oil and gas, wax deposits can build up over time and reduce flow efficiency. Paraffin and asphaltene wax dissolvers are applied to pipelines to remove these deposits and maintain optimal flow conditions.
  • Refinery Operations:
    • In refineries, crude oil often contains paraffin and asphaltene waxes that can solidify and cause fouling in processing equipment such as distillation columns, heat exchangers, and reactors. Dissolvers are used to clean these systems and prevent fouling.
  • Downhole Applications:
    • Paraffin and asphaltene wax dissolvers can also be injected downhole to remove wax deposits that accumulate in the formation near the wellbore, improving well productivity and longevity.
  • Industrial Cleaning:
    • Beyond the oil and gas industry, these dissolvers are used in various industrial applications where wax deposits pose a problem, such as in heat exchangers, storage tanks, and equipment used in chemical processing, mining, and manufacturing.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance Amber Liquid
Specific Gravity at 25°C 0.95 - 1.05
pH 2 - 3
Solubility Dispersible in Water

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