Primary Emulsifiers

Primary Emulsifier

  • Primary Emulsifier is essentially Polyaminated Fatty acid and is used to emulsify W/O in Oil /Diesel based drilling fluids in order to increase emulsification between water and oil phases. It provides excellent emulsion stability.
  • Primary Emulsifier is a high-quality grade of emulsification agents for oil-based drilling fluid.
  • Primary Emulsifier acts as a wetting agent, gelling agent and fluid stabilizer in a mineral oil base. It is also used for filtration control and help to forming thin filter-cake in wellbore surface.
  • Contributes to temperature stability and HTHP filtration control.
  • Used as a primary emulsifier providing Excellent and very Stable Emulsion and oil wetting agent.
  • It provides viscosity and filtration control and temperature stability.
  • Effective over a wide range of temperatures and also in the presence of contaminants.

Typical Physical Properties

Physical Appearance Dark Brown Liquid
Viscosity (cps) 100 Minimum
Odor Slight Odor
Solubility Soluble in oil, Insoluble in water
Pour Point <-10℃ (14℉)
Specific Gravity 0.94
Flash Point >65℃(149℉)

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