Scale Inhibitor

Scale Inhibitor

Phosphonate-based scale inhibitors, renowned for their non-toxic properties and efficacy at low treatment concentrations, serve a critical role in preventing scale nucleation and precipitation. Typically administered in concentrations ranging from 0.5 to 20 ppm, these inhibitors are instrumental in halting the formation of scale.

Specifically tailored to combat calcium carbonate and barium sulfate scale, phosphonate-based inhibitors excel in controlling the deposition of these types of scale. By disrupting the crystallization process, they effectively impede the formation and accumulation of scale, thereby preserving the efficiency and longevity of industrial systems.

  • Phosphonate-based scale inhibitors are typically applied using a straightforward feed pump assembly.

  • Dosage Flexibility: The dosage of these inhibitors varies depending on the specific application and the desired level of control.

  • Versatile Application: Whether in industrial settings or water treatment processes, phosphonate-based scale inhibitors offer adaptable dosing solutions.

  • Tailored Control: The level of inhibitor dosage can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each application, ensuring optimal scale prevention and system performance.

Basic Info

Appearance Clear, Amber Liquid Odor
Molecular Weight 219.281
pH 6.5-7.5
Active Solids 47 - 52%
Specific Gravity 1.23 – 1.25 at 25°C
Solubility Completely Soluble

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