OL. – St. – 78

Emulsifier OL is a surfactant derived from natural fatty acids. It serves as a versatile, general-purpose emulsifier known for its biodegradability and low toxicity. This viscous amber liquid emits a mild, sweet, oily odor. Users should note the possibility of waxy sediment, though this does not affect its performance.

  • Personal Care: Functions as an emulsifier and thickener in shampoos, enhancing their stability and viscosity.
  • Metalworking: Acts as an emulsifier with lubricating properties, aiding in the smooth operation of metalworking processes.
  • Textile Lubricants: Serves as an emulsifier with antistatic properties in textile lubricants, assisting in the prevention of static buildup. Additionally, acts as a carbonizing assistant for raw wool.
  • Paper and Plastics: Functions as a release aid in paper and plastics manufacturing, facilitating the easy separation of materials from molds or machinery. Additionally, acts as a defoaming agent, reducing the formation of foam during production processes.

Basic Info

Specific Gratify (20ºC) 0.99
Odour Mild sweet oily odour
Solubility Soluble in water
Appearance Light Yellowish Liquid
Acid Value < 10
Moisture 0.1%

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