RWE - Textile Softener

Softener is a non-ionic softener base used for finishing cellulosic and synthetic fabrics and their blends. RWE- Textile softener is used in the padding process in conjunction with resins, catalysts, optical brighteners, PVA, and Poly-acrylates, pigments, or as a sole finish. It is non-yellowing and imparts to the fabric a soft and full hand. Fabrics softened with RWE- Textile softener can be overprinted with pigments with no influence on the fastness properties.

  • Before use, prepare a 10% RWE- Textile softener emulsion in water.

  • Treatment of Cotton or Polyester fabrics and blends: Pad with 30-60 gr/l RWE- Textile softener (10%) followed by drying.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance White to Light Yellowish Grain
Chemical Nature Fatty Acid Condensation Product
pH 5 - 6
Active Solids 47 - 52%
Alkali, acid, hard water Good
Solubility Emulsifiable in warm water

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